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Fort Hood DFMWR Sprocket Auto Crafts

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| For detailed pricing - Price List |

Sprocket Auto Crafts Facility
20th Street and Old Ironsides Avenue, bldg 9138
Phone: (254) 287-2725

Sprocket Auto CraftsThe Sprocket Auto Crafts center has 26 bays for the auto technician. Patrons can do their own car work ranging from oil change and lube to brake and tire work, up to complete rebuild.

Assistance and instruction is available for the less experienced patron.

The center is excellent for fixing flats, service of air conditioners and use electronic diagnostic testing equipment to analyze engine problems.

Full Service and Self Service
Wednesday through Friday
12 Noon - 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday
9 am - 5 pm

State Inspection
Wednesday through Friday
12 - 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday
9 am - 4 pm

Cleanup begins 30 minutes prior to closing.

Closed Holiday Observances:

  • President's Day, 22 Feb
  • Memorial Day, 31 May
  • Independence Day, 5 Jul
  • Labor Day, 6 Sep
  • Columbus Day, 11 Oct
  • Veteran's Day, 9 Nov
  • Thanksgiving, 23 Nov
  • Christmas, 27 Dec
  • New Year, 3 Jan
  • Martin Luther King Jr., 18 Jan


  • State Inspection - $7.00
  • AC Recharging
  • Tire demounting and mounting  -
    $4 (do-it-your-self),
    $8 (we do)
  • Rotors and drums resurfaced  - $8 minimum specs required
  • Engine Scan Tool


  • Flat Bays - $5/hour
    • minimum one (1) hour charge, prorated for remaining
  • Lift Bays - $7/hour
    • minimum one (1) hour charge, prorated for remaining
  • Tool Room
  • Machine Shop
  • Welding Area
  • Disabled Vehicle Storage
  • Drain & Fill Radiator
  • Air Conditioning Service
For detailed pricing - Price List

Qualification/Safety Class
is required for patrons using the Sprocket Auto Skills facility. In order to ensure patron safety, proper use of equipment, control and management of hazardous materials disposal, and to meet Fort Hood Net Zero Waste targets, all patrons must attend a mandatory training to use the Auto Skill Facility. A DA Form 3031-1 (Qualification Card) will be issued to patrons after receiving the training which is valid at other Auto Skills facilities.

  • Wednesday thru Friday @ 1530
  • Saturday/Sunday @ 11:30 am
  • Classes last approximately 45 minutes, includes a tour of the facility.
  • To schedule a group class, please contact Sprocket at 254-287-2725

Get Your Qualification Card Now!

Basic Maintenance Classes @ Patrons Request
Change vehicle oil and filter; check fluids; belts & hoses, check tires pressures; wipers; using your manual; use of tools; and safety.

The Class includes classroom training and “Hands On” of actually changing oil on a vehicle.

  • Classes given at patrons request
  • Classes last 2 Hours, includes a Qualification and Safety Certificate.
  • To schedule a group class, please contact Sprocket at 254-287-2725
  • Classes given at the Sprocket Auto Skills Facility in the Training room.
  • Authorized Family and MWR patrons

Cars in bay

Car on lift

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