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Fort Hood DFMWR Patton's Inn

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Patton's Inn

Legends Pub

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Patton's Inn
2 Women and 1 man standing
Patton’s Entertainment/Hours of Operation: Stop by Patton’s Wednesday – Friday Doors open at 4:30 pm | No Cover | Try your shot at pool, everyday is always FREE Pool Day… Having Fun
Enjoy a drink, play some cards, throw some bones or enjoy some good conversation with some of Patton's regulars
Music provided by Central Texas' own Dr. J
Patton's Inn opened in 1985 and is named after General George Smith Patton Jr.
Your neighborhood watering hole is open to all and known for its intense dominoes and spades games

Book Patton’s For Your Next Event:
Although Patton’s Pub is closed Saturday through Tuesday, it is available for rent.

Patton's is the perfect location for your unit meeting and classes.
Organize your next event by calling,

Contact/locate Patton’s:
Old Ironsides Avenue at 20th and 21st Streets, Bldg. 9212

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