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Fort Hood
Army Volunteer Corps

Building 16005 Corner of T.J. Mills Boulevard & Old Ironsides Ave
287-VOLS (8657)

As a volunteer one of life's greatest rules..."You cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening your own!"

Volunteer Placement

The Lane Volunteer Center is home to the Army Volunteer Corps, which is the center of volunteer recruitment, referral, recognition, and advocacy efforts for Fort Hood. Volunteers are recruited for a wide variety of positions throughout the on and off-post communities. Through volunteer service, individuals can learn or enhance skills, get to know the community, build their resumes, and more. Individuals wishing to benefit from volunteer service may register their resumes and more. Organizations wishing to benefit from volunteer service may register their volunteer job descriptions with the Volunteer Center, whose staff will work to fill the positions with the right volunteers.


Explore a new career, develop skills, network with other professionals and create opportunities for yourself. An opportunity awaits you!

Why Volunteer?
Meet new people
Acquire new or maintain current skills
Develop and grow personally
Gain a sense of achievement
Obtain training and knowledge
Self Satisfaction 

Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS)

The Volunteer Management Information System was developed to give the Army a real-time snapshot of volunteer activities at any given time, at any given installation. VMIS provides all of the tools needed to track AVC volunteer hours, manage and track volunteers, post open positions, print reports, and much more. All volunteer hours will be tracked through the VMIS. You may visit for additional information on this new system. For further information, please call the Army Volunteer Corps office at 287-8657.

Volunteer Management Information System Classes

These classes offer an introduction to using the VMIS, as well as how to search and sign up for volunteer positions, track your hours, awards, training, and more!! Classes and desk side training available for Organizational Points of Contact too! Call 287-8657 for more information.

Volunteer Registration

Every volunteer (to include youth volunteers) on Fort Hood is required to be registered on as a volunteer. In addition, a Volunteer must also complete the DD2793 (below) and return to the Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) office located in the Lane Volunteer Center (Bldg. 16005).

Volunteer Agreement Form

Volunteer Agreement Text Only Version

Parental Permission Form (Youth Volunteers Only)

Volunteer Daily Time Record

Funded Childcare for Some Volunteer Positions

Child care is available through The Fort Hood Area Volunteer Childcare Fund for some volunteer positions. Please call 287-8657 or stop by the Lane Volunteer Center for more information.

Volunteer positions include but are not limited to:

  • Administrative
  • Mentors
  • Hospital Worker
  • Data Entry
  • Library Assistant
  • Sports Coach
  • Trainers/ Instructors

Some Volunteer Organizations include:

  • American Red Cross
  • Army Community Service
  • Army Family Action Plan
  • Army Family Team Building
  • Child, Youth & School Services
  • Chapel Programs
  • Enlisted Spouses' Club
  • Family Readiness Groups
  • Fort Hood Area Volunteer Child Care Fund
  • Library
  • Museums & Gift Shops
  • Officers' Spouses' Club
  • Santa's Workshop
  • Schools
  • Thrift Shop


Volunteer Advisory Council (VAC)

Representatives from units and organizations benefiting from volunteer service meet quarterly to share volunteer and community news and network to support the installation and surrounding communities. This vital and informative meeting is held on the first Friday of each February, May, August, and November unless that Friday falls on a holiday or training holiday, in such case, the meeting will be rescheduled.  All council meetings are held at the Lane Volunteer Center at 0930. For an invitation please call the Army Volunteer Corps office at 287-8657.

Volunteer Management Training

The Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) Presents...quarterly volunteer management seminars. Are you an effective volunteer manager? Would you like to learn how to better manage, recruit, sustain, and train volunteers? Then join the ACS, AVC for one of these new exciting seminars and learn the tricks of the trade! For more information please call 287-8657.

  • Screening Volunteers
  • Maintaining the Motivation of Volunteers over a long –period
  • Managing Change (and dealing with resistance to it)
  • Designing Work for Today’s Volunteers

Make a Difference Day

This annual event is an opportunity for the installation and local communities to participate in a "national day of doing good." The 4th Saturday of October, units, organizations, and individuals set out to do something positive for the community, such as conduct food drives, repair homeless shelters, visit veterans and the elderly, etc.  For more information on how you can get involved in Make a Difference Day, please call 287-(VOLS) 8657.

Volunteer Recognition

It is important to recognize your volunteers! There are many opportunities available at Fort Hood to honor your volunteers from the Installation Volunteer of the Month to DA Level Awards.  Please read the Fort Hood Regulation 672-4 for complete information on how to give back to your dedicated volunteers.

A quick awards reference matrix is available here.

For more information please call the Army Volunteer Corps office at 287-8657 or 286-5913.