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Are you a teacher by trade, need experience teaching, or need to polish your resume with volunteer experience? 

We are in need of volunteers who are willing to help others seeking more information about the Army, the Army way of life, community resources, becoming a leader in the community and seeking to improve their interpersonal skills. 

AFTB Instructors are taught all the information they will need to speak in front of groups and work with interactive students.  All Instructors will be given all the materials needed for instruction to include lesson plans.  A mentorship program is in place for new instructors to feel comfortable in the program.  Be part of the helping hand that is extended to Family Members new to the Army, sign up to be an AFTB Instructor.  Call 287-2327 or 286-6600 for all reservations if you are interested in a rewarding volunteer opportunity that can enhance your resume.
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