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Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier & Family Readiness Center
Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier & Family Readiness Center
(254) 287-9274 / 287-9793
Soldier & Family Readiness Branch
Building 18000
Battalion Avenue next to the
Copeland Soldier Service Center

Hours: Mon-Fri 0730-2100
Training Holidays 0730-1630, Closed Holidays
Weekends By Reservations Only

See more of the facility --PowerPoint-- --PDF-- --Flash--

Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier & Family Readiness Center (OCHSFRC)

Our mission is to provide professional and timely support to Soldiers and Family members through programs and trainings that enhance the well-being and self-reliance of the Fort Hood community. It is our goal to assist Soldiers and Family members overcome the challenges of adapting to military life, develop effective coping skills and sustain mission and Family readiness. 

The center has many things to offer Soldiers and Families:

  • Eight meeting rooms

  • Computer room with six computer stations

  • Network printer

  • Family room

  • Kitchen area

  • Kids On Site (KOS) child care

We are here to support and provide resources for all our Soldiers and Families.  Please stop by and see how we can assist you.

For Questions call (254) 287-9274. If you are wishing to make a reservation, please Email.